The perfect solution for connecting the water supply to various types of faucets, mixers, flush cisterns, boilers, water heaters, shower cabins, whirlpool tubs, fan coils, and many other applications.

Depending on the series, the inner tube can be made of EPDM or platinum silicone, which are durable and elastic materials with excellent mechanical and hygienic properties. These materials protect liquids from oxidation, atmospheric agents, and high temperatures.

Series with larger diameters allow for higher flow rates and better pressure control.

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Flexy Mix Dn 8 (5)

Flexy Mix PT+ Dn 8 (4)

Omnyflex 10 (25)

Omnyflex 13 (12)

Omnyflex 8 (25)

Omnyflex PT+ Dn 8 (15)

Shower Flex (3)

W-Flex (4)